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4 Complete Solutions by TDR


TDR Racing International always gives the best for all motorcycle lovers in the world. that is why today on 4th of April 2017, on 4pm TDR officially launch “4 Complete Solutions” for all motorcycle lovers. 4 Complete Solutions consist of:

1. POWER: Engine Systems, Electrical Systems, Clutch Transmission & CVT Systems and Induction & Exhaust Systems.
2. HANDLING: Suspension Systems, Wheel Systems, and Brake Systems.
3. STYLE: Body Systems and Riding Gears.
4. MAINTENANCE: Lubricants and Tools & Equipment.

Within this moment TDR also introduce new product line up YSS 4G as part of TDR Handling solutions. This product available to meet customers demand who want to upgrade their motorcycle suspension for better comfort and performance. YSS 4G Suspension suitable for Racing, Touring and Daily Use.

“We divide motorcycle components into 4 main group: POWER, HANDLING, STYLE and MAINTENANCE. Today to complete out handling group, we give you YSS 4G Suspension. YSS 4G consist of: G-Racing, G-Sport, G-Series and DTG. If you would like to know more the advantages of this product please register your name and your motorcycle type at TDR Technology Center. Because on 25-26 April 2017 there will be test drive at Sentul Circuit. There you will get more information and more technical knowledge how to setup this product properly on your motorcycle. Besides that if you want to get this product you can visit to our online store oneteamstore.com and order there.“ – Explanation by Mr.Teddy Hartono CEO of Mitra 2000 when he give speech during YSS 4G launching before the audience from may riders community.

During this event many riders come from many community including from GOMAX (Gojek Max) Community which one of the member have won main door prize trip to Thailand. TDR also give many souvenir and prize for all participant who have won quiz and games held by our presenter. Thank you for all High Performers and congratulations all the prize winner.