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Racing Training 2017

Ikuti Coaching clinic pada tanggal 25 April 2017 berupa kelas training Power & Handling dari trainer ternama langsung dari TDR Group, API Tech dan YSS Thailand. […]


4 Complete Solutions by TDR

TDR Racing International always gives the best for all motorcycle lovers in the world. that is why today on 4th of April 2017, on 4pm TDR […]


The 1st Woman Dragster from Indonesia compete in Drag Bike Asean Series, Thailand.

There was a unique moment in Dragbike Serie-2 by NGO Thailand where Female Dragster from Indonesia, Sabrina Sameh, participate in this race. Sabrina Sameh join with […]


High Perfromance Power & Style Festival

Pembahasan Handling Festival dan Power Festival dua bulan berturut-turut telah kita lewati. Di bulan Maret ini, topik yang tidak kalah menarik, yakni Power & Handling Festival. […]


High Performance MAX Riding Experience

Get the latest information on how to improve Nmax performance and witness the new product launch by TDR, it’s a whole new and greater experience in […]


Power Tips and Morning Ride Talk Show

Join Us in Power Tips and Morning Ride Talk Show at TDR Technology Center this Saturday, 25th February 2017 with TDR Industries Technical Expert.