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Celebrating Kartini Day with TDR One Team


Every 21st of April we celebrate Kartini Day. This year TDR One Team participate in raising Kartini’s Spirit by held gathering event special for lady bikers.

This event is special to acknowledge the participation of women in motorcycles world. Additionally to provide knowledge and awareness about motorcycle systems of Power, Handling, Style and Maintenance. Therefore in this event TDR presents 21 Lady Bikers with their own 21 variety of motorcycles.

As Kartini fights for woman’s innovation. TDR also consistently always gives new innovation in high quality products with latest technology that are different with their competitor. All of this is for all young generation who like to ride motorcycle.

This event held to socialise more about TDR 4 Complete Solution: Power, Handling, Style & Maintenance and to gives education and training to all lady bikers how to improve their motorcycle’s power. Because commonly lady bikers not too understand about power in engine systems and handling in their motorcycle. Big possibilities that one day one of this lady bikers can open their own garage or motorcycle shop.

To mark this event, TDR presents 21 Lady Bikers with their own 21 variety of motorcycles. These 21 Lady Bikers receive a special treat from TDR a free #YSS Shock and free #VROOAM Motorcycle Oil (VR70, VR50 and SCOOTER for various type of motorcycles) while receive additional discount for various TDR products.

“I hope that in this year celebration of Kartini Day can become the stepping stone for all woman riders can rise up overcome their weakness, low self esteem or even their fear. Have faith that we can participate in motorcycle racing event just like what other man has already done. I already prove it by participate in One of drag racing event in Thailand with support from TDR and praise Lord I can achieve podium position. I personally wanted that this year will become the year of All woman riders rise up and shine.” Sabrina, one of young woman rider from Indonesia.

Glory glory to all Young Kartini in Indonesia.