DNA & TDR Vision - TDR Racing, High Performance Technology

DNA & TDR Vision


"To be world's leading High Performance Technology for Human Personal Mobility Vehicles & Components"


TDR is trendsetter and pioneer in developing High Performance Technology for automotive, motorcycle, bicycle and parts for absolute power performance riding experience and presenting technology for future life style.

Quality Policy: "Discipline, responsiveness and team spirit ensure quality products and customer satisfaction". We strive for high quality in all areas and bringing new innovative products.

Vehicles in use are divided into 3 categories: Motorsport, Hobbies or Modifications and Daily Use.

TDR as World Leading High Performance Technology for Vehicles & Components gives solution for all motorcycle riders in the world to produce High Quality products which has following DNA:
1. SAFETY - Product priority to safety use for motorcycle and riders.
2. DURABILITY - Use special material for better durability.
3. RELIABILITY - Quality proven for motorsport, modification and daily use.
4. FAST - Maximum performance for acceleration and top speed.
5. STYLE - Improve vehicles and riders looks.
6. GREEN - Production process and product package is environment friendly.

Each component solutions categorised into 4 Groups and 11 systems, they are:
1. Group POWER: Engine Systems, Electrical Systems, Clutch Transmission & CVT Systems and Induction & Exhaust Systems.
2. Group HANDLING: Suspension systems, Wheel Systems and Brake Systems.
3. Group STYLE: Body Systems and Riding Gears.
4. Group MAINTENANCE: Lubricants and Tools & Equipment.

Each group supports riders needs specific, like POWER for motorsport different as POWER for modification or daily use. Same thing goes to Handling, Style and Maintenance.

Upgrade your vehicle to perfection and feel the different riding experience with TDR - High Performance Technology.

TDR Racing DNA: Safety, Durability, Reliable, Fast, Style, Green