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High Performance Handling Festival


Handling is one of the most important system in vehicle. Specially in Motorcycle. The perfect choice of handling systems in your motorcycle can effect your health condition, specially back condition. Good Handling often related with comfort, response and safety. Thats why perfect handling systems combination is very important.

Handling it self is divided into 3 major categories: Suspension Systems, Wheel Systems, and Brake Systems. Each of this systems has its own main products;

Suspension Systems consist of Shock Absorber and Steering Damper. These parts gives better comfort while riding, better stability high speed or in bad road condition.

Wheel Systems consist of there are Rims, Tires, Chain, and Sprocket. These parts gives major role in supporting motorcycle weight and balancing.

Brake Systems consist of Disc Rotor, Brake Hose, and Disc Pad. These components gives perfect breaking for better safety.

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