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TDR API TECH Tuning Workshop

TDR API TECH Tuning Workshop

TDR API TECH Tuning Workshop

TDR cooperate with API Tech held Tuning Workshop Event special for mechanics Injection motorcycle.

Upgrading Injection motorcycle components, specially to increase POWER, requires precise setting to maximising motorcycle performance. TDR & API Tech as pioneer for upgrading motorcycle performance in asia, will give training and guidance for mechanics.

Event will be held in 3 major cities:
1. Jakarta, 3-4 Agustus 2016
2. Yogyakarta, 9-10 Agustus 2016
3. Bandung, 12-13 Agustus 2016

Any mechanics who want to learn how to setting TDR API Tech for Injection motorcycle can join this event with registration fee Rp.1,500,000/person.

This event will be held for 2 days
Day 1: Training and Product knowledge TDR & API Tech. Guide for ECU setting.
Day 2: Field training, mechanic can feel the differences between standard and ECU API Tech setting.

For registration contact TDR Technology Center, Jakarta
Phone: 021-4600030

Dont miss this event and be Professional Injection Motorcycle Mechanics!