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TDR Technology Center

After the inauguration of TDR Technology Center in March 1st, 2014 several community and end users who do not attend are still wondering what are the features in TDR Technology Center.

TDR Technology Center function is as center of research and the latest technologies for personal transportation or term in English language: human personal mobility vehicles. TDR Technology Center which will be inaugurated this center not only for the development of two wheels, such as motorcycles but also for bicycle and car in the future.

Back feature from TDR Technology Center, now we are going to review one by one to the advantage of the TDR Technology Center feature that is open to the public.

TDR Technology Center Building
TDR Technology Center Building
Every visitor will be charged around Rp 20.000,- , for entrance fee that can be exchanged with 1 cup of signature drink at One Team Cafe, near the entrance gate. Moreover, the entrance ticket can be used as a discount voucher with Rp.20.000,- in value for transaction on products or services at the TTC.

TDR is committed for the development on human resources through One Team. Therefore all the tickets sales will be donated to One Team Foundation for humanitarian activities that has been done by TDR.

TDR Technology Center - Receptionist Entrance
TDR Technology Center has a showroom to display all the products and motorcycles. With High Performance Technology which is a new tagline of TDR, proved that TDR is ready with the latest technology that is needed for human personal mobility vehicles industries.

The 11 systems that have been developed by TDR also being displayed in the showroom. They are ranging from POWER (Engine System, Electrical Systems, Clutch Transmission & CVT Systems, Induction & Exhaust Systems), HANDLING (Suspension Systems, Wheel Systems, Brake Systems), STYLE (Body Systems, Riding Gears), MAINTENANCE (Lubricants, Tools & Equipment). These systems are made to support performance of human personal mobility vehicles.

Visitors who want to get the latest information about TDR technology or service their vehicle will be assisted by customer care.

TDR Technology Center Showroom TDR Technology Center Showroom TDR Technology Center Showroom TDR Technology Center Showroom
TDR has imported a Dyno Jet, the new type of measuring engine performance in USA. Dyno Jet is the standard measuring instrument that is recognized in motorcycles world.

End user can use the Dyno Jet Machine by making an appointment with our customer care team. The fee for this service is start from Rp 350.000,- included the operator and mechanic to help when to do the test with different product.

TDR Technology Center - Dynojet Room TDR Technology Center - Workshop
On the Second floor of this building, there is an education center. This center is a place for One Team member to get training about how to increase human resources. One Team has 5 pillars of life: education, health, environment, empowerment and well-being.

It aims to motivate people to give the best in life. Each indicted who is interested will get the special training module that is applied to their field of interest.

Besides the training, each indicted who involves in One Team will get reputation for doing the project in social activities that is related in the country.

There are still many activities that need individu’s role as the High Performance People to share and bring the transformation for this life.

TDR Technology Center - Education Center TDR Technology Center - Education Center
A place to share and unwind a moment while enjoying the signature drink from One Team. Each purchases from One Team Cafe will be donated to help and support One Team Foundation in social activities. Equipped with high speed internet connection access.

All features in TDR Technology Center will be used to involve people to join in, support, give impact to each other and to the world in general with the spirit of High Performance Technology.


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