The 1st Woman Dragster from Indonesia compete in Drag Bike Asean Series, Thailand. | TDR – High Performance Technology

The 1st Woman Dragster from Indonesia compete in Drag Bike Asean Series, Thailand.


There was a unique moment in Dragbike Serie-2 by NGO Thailand where Female Dragster from Indonesia, Sabrina Sameh, participate in this race.

Sabrina Sameh join with TDR Thailand Team give her best performance riding Yamaha N-Max which already upgraded to 180cc using TDR Cylinder Block 62mm. Her best record was 15.782 seconds in 402 meter track. This is new experience for her as the first woman dragster to perform in this long track.

Her record achievement not only because of the engine upgrade but also because of the electrical upgrade using Twin Iridium Spark Plug & ApiTech ECU, and CVT upgrade using Pulley & TDR Gear Ratio so the motorcycle become more responsive. Sabrina already felt this effect during testing on track.

This new experience not only for her, but it will become new momentum for the next generation of woman dragster who can race in 201 or 402 meters not only in Thailand or Indonesia but also in other Asia countries together with TDR Racing International.