Clutch Housing (Clutch Bell)

Clutch Housing design with hole to easy release heat and more durable. PNP (Plug and Play) and Suitable for daily use and modification.

TDR Clutch Bell For N-MAX / Aerox / NVX

Applicable For:

N-MAX 155, AEROX / NVX 155, LEXI 125, Mio M3, Mio Fino 125, Fino grande 125

Model : 33103-2DP01-CLBEL

Weight : 0.80kg

Dimensions : 20cm x 18cm x 5cm

TDR Clutch Plate Housing New Jupiter Z / Vega ZR

Model : 32014-2P201

Weight : 0.38kg

Dimensions : 14cm x 14cm x 6cm