TDR Technology Center


TDR Technology Center is the center of our research for personal mobility solutions as well as the center of human resources development and empowerment. Discover a whole new world of possibilities and unleash your vehicle's true power and performance. 



TDR has been making major breakthroughs and advancements in the automotive industry and we are proud to display all the technology we have developed at our Technology Center.

Entering the showroom, customers are greeted with a wide range of products, ranging from Power, Handling, Style and Maintenance. Our team will assist you in choosing the perfect components that suit your needs.

One Team Academy

One Team Academy, a branch of One Team foundation, is committed to producing world-class human capital by empowering the young generation of today, educating them with essential 21st Century skills as well as harnessing and refining their leadership, cooperation and communication skills. We provide training modules and arrange talks and conferences from time to time.