Secondary Sliding Sheave

TDR Secondary Sliding Sheave function to increase speed changing stroke. Make low speed power input early and extend end speed.

TDR Forged Aluminium Secondary Sliding Sheave Assy For N-Max / Aerox / NVX 155

1. Designed with strong and light aluminium material for lighter rotation.
2. Available 2 profile setting to get different performance.
Profile 1 “Straight” for spontaneous acceleration (default setting), suitable for stop & go riding.
Profile 2 “Curved” for long distance riding, suitable for touring.
3. Valuable solution : With 1 product you can get 2 different profile that adjustable for touring or daily use.

Nett Weight : 986 gram

Model: 33106-2DP01-ALUBL
Weight: 1.25kg
Dimensions: 22cm x 21cm x 9.5cm