23 September 2019
Improve Acceleration with TDR Hyperlite CNC Rear Sprocket

Two-wheelers are the best modes of transport when navigating through traffic, and riding them gets even more fun when touring out of town or when racing. Whatever we use our motorcycle for, it is crucial to maintain your motorcycle in its prime condition with quality parts, for peace of mind of your safety when working on your activities.


Previously, we have discussed about motorcycle chains and so this time we will be discussing about their meshing counterpart, rear sprockets. Rear sprockets function to multiply torque originating from the driving gear and transmitted through the chain, and ultimately drive the wheels.


When it comes to rear sprockets, common questions from fellow riders, hobbyists and racers are, “Which rear sprockets should I use to increase my motorcycle’s acceleration?”. Well, in response to this question, TDR Industries has released its latest product among its Wheel Systems line up, the TDR Rear Sprocket CNC 7075 Hyperlite 415.


This ultra-light rear sprocket is manufactured using high-grade aluminium CNC with high-precision machinery, reducing weight attributed to rear sprockets by up to 60% and therefore increasing acceleration. This rear sprocket can be used on Yamaha R25, MT25 & Ninja 250.


To get the best performance out of your motorcycle, it is recommended to not only upgrade your rear sprocket, but also the drive chain and gear set as they have been designed to work together optimally. For more information about the TDR Rear Sprocket CNC 7075 Hyperlite 415 or any of our vast solution line-up, visit us at High Performance Zone located inside TDR Technology Center, Cakung, East Jakarta.

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