08 January 2020
TDR Alloy Rims - Solutions to enhance your motorcycle performance

Motorcycle Rims basically functions as weight supports. Therefore this component have to be strong so when the motorcycle moving it will stay stable.


There are many brands of rims in the market, one of the most prestigious brands is TDR. TDR have few types of rims: WX-Shape, W-Shape, U-Shape, ER-Shape and T-Shape.


TDR Industries developed Rims with strong Aluminium Serie 7 material for daily and extreme use like adventure and touring. TDR Rims will enhance performance and your motorcycle looks.


Advantages of TDR Rims:

  1. Made of Aluminium sere 7 material, the strongest type of aluminium
  2. Reduce tire traction on the straight road so it will increase acceleration
  3. Increase tire traction in cornering to be more stable
  4. U-Shape for offroad, the rims are wider so that off road tires holds perfectly and function well on dry or wet track
  5. WX-Shape designed with 2 tone color so it will looks fancy if the wheel moving


For more information and order online visit oneteamstore.com or consult with TDR experts at WhatsApp 0813-8035-2001, Email: info@tdr-racing.com, or visit our One Team Network nearby.

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