04 December 2019
Maintain combustion chamber using TDR Stainless Air FIlter

Just like human body, Vehice systems also needs clean air to run of function maximum every day. What happend if this air supply have problem?


So this time we will talk about one of important parts to maintain clean air for our motorcycle "Air Filter". Without this components, the motorcycle function will be not stable because of dirty air can make many other motorcycle components corrotion specially during rainy season.


Companres with others air filter that still using paper material, TDR Air Filter can filter much better because it use stainless stell material also have better durability and washable. Designed to increase power and acceleration  it very fits for racing, hobbies and daily use. TDR Air filter available for may variation of motorcycle type.


Further information, products inquiry and price please consult to our mechanics at TDR Technology Center, Cakung, Jakarta, Indonesia. Or our official online store www.oneteamstore.com to get more information about our products variations.

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