24 October 2019
Power and Handling upgrade for Maximum Riding

The more heavy a vehicle it requires more power. And if we wanted to have worry free while riding, we need to pay attention on the Handling parts. Power and Handling are 2 groups that are connected to each other. Either one not perform well, it will give significant impact to the rider it self. Power without Handling is nothing.


Thats why Handling for X-MAX needs to adjusted according to its Power. Handling consost of several systems: Suspension Systems, Wheel Systems and Brake Systems.


For X-MAX, main upgrade in Suspension Systems is Shock Absorber Rear Twin Shock YSS G-Racing Black Edition. Is a high-performance gas shock absorber with YSS standard that has an adjustable Preload Spring and worthwhile to use. Followed by Front Suspension upgrade with Front Fork Upgrade Kit XMAX.


Other than that, it requires upgrade on Wheel Systems: such as Rims, Tires and upgrade on Brake Systems: such as Disc Rotor Floating & N-Spec, Brake Hose Black Carbon (ABS), Brake Lever and Disc Pad to get perfect braking.


Further information, products inquiry and price please consult to our mechanics at TDR Technology Center, Cakung, Jakarta, Indonesia. Or our official online store www.oneteamstore.com to get more information about our products variations.

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