27 August 2021
TDR CVT Belt Kevlar V.20

TDR CVT Belt Kevlar V.20 made with high-grade Aramid Fiber Kevlar material ensures outstanding durability, high heat resistance and significant reduction of slippage in transmission system to enhanced acceleration and impeccable performance.

Available For : N-Max, Aerox (NVX), All New PCX, Vario, Mio, Beat, Scoopy, Xeon

Order online di oneteamstore.com dan mitra2000 official online store.
Oneteamstore : https://bit.ly/CvtBeltKevlarV20
Tokopedia : https://bit.ly/CvtBeltKevlarV20_Toped
Shopee : https://bit.ly/CvtBeltKevlarV20_Shopee


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