18 August 2017
TDR officially launch TDR VROOAM V-Twin, NN1 Oil Filter and Indonesiaracing.com

Together in celebrating Mitra2000 17th Birthday and Indonesia Independence day on 17 August 2017 at Bali, TDR officially launch their new products TDR VROOAM V-Twin and NN1 Oil Filter and also introducing the new online portal indonesiaracing.com.


With motto: Whoever You Are, Whatever Your Bike, Where ever You Ride, We Come Along With You – Mitra2000 in partnership with the best high performance brands such as: TDR, YSS, COMET, APITECH, OSAKI, KOSO, VROOAM dan NN1 oil filter always committed to give the best products and solutions for motorcycle riders in Indonesia and the whole world.


TDR presents the new line up of Maintenance products, TDR VROOAM V-Twins Series special for V-Twin engine. Taking theme “BEAT THE HEAT“ The Ultimate Power & Protection, TDR VROOAM with fluid hydro formula and performance additive technology has proven to makes motorcycle engine temperature cooler and improving long distance riding sensation. Other advantages is to increasing acceleration and gives maximum protection to engine. TDR VROOAM V-Twins available in many types: 100% Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, Premium Mineral (20W–50), Mineral Monograde 50, Mineral Monograd 60 and Primary chain Case & transmission oil.


In this moment TDR also introducing indonesiaracing.com – an online portal for motorsport lovers (two wheels & four wheels) to get latest information about motorsport event and news in Indonesia. Indonesiaracing.com not just a web portal, but also a place for motorsport lovers or community to join together, discussing about what is happening in Indonesia’s motorsport. And it have purpose to improving motorsport quality such as supporting and equipping racing team, racing school, mechanics school and other local racing organisation to et better knowledge and improving their quality. Racing Circuit with international standard in year 2025 it the ultimate goal of indonesiaracing.com

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