19 October 2019
TDR Roller Teflon

This time we will discuss about Roller, the round small in CVT parts that important to produce power. Roller has quite important part in CVT Systems or its automatic transmission.


Roller functions to make Camp Roller and Pulley movement more smooth to maintain CVT Belt function. Standard factory roller usually function to keep acceleration balance. But we can increase top-speed by modify Roller weight from 17 to 18 gram.


By modifying Roller weight it will increase top speed. Basically increasing roller weight will increase top speed but decreasing the acceleration and vice versa. TDR have complete various roller wright for many motorcycle type.


TDR Teflon made with teflon material that is not sticky and durable with high temperature condition. And have better durability compares other roller.


Further information, products inquiry and price please consult to our mechanics at TDR Technology Center, Cakung, Jakarta, Indonesia. Or our official online store www.oneteamstore.com to get more information about our products variations.

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