31 December 2022
Happy New Year 2023! Shaping A Sustainable Future

2022 will soon pass by... There are so many events that we have faced throughout this year.


We have overcome many challenges and gain achievement that become meaningful lessons for the future.


The MotoGP Mandalika event and The G20 Leadership Conference has proven to the world that Indonesia has ready to take further step to the next level.


We have prepare the blue-print to speed up the green environment transition for better World.


The rapid digital growth also accelerate the technology development from time to time. As the digital economy continue to grow, many young entrepreneur also response to market needs.


Together we will still face many obstacles. Individual preparation and family role will be main focus. Building Family as a team where each of the family member will support one to another. Collaborate for transformation, creating sustainable social impact. Self Development, Family Development, Community Development and Organization that contribute to Indonesia.


Let's be optimist welcoming 2023 with better preparation to increase quality of life and also "Shaping a Sustainable Future".


Happy New Year 2023!

One Team, One Family! 

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