16 March 2022
Indonesia Team serves as a place for communities to synergize in creating "Indonesia Maju"

This weekend is a historical moment for Indonesia. Starting from The Inauguration of The New Capital of Indonesia, welcoming the MotoGP riders in MotoGP Parade and launching of IndonesiaTeam.org as a place for communities to give solutions for “Indonesia Maju”.


The Movement continues to the MotoGP Mandalika Grand Prix on 18th to 20th of March 2022. We can feel the spirit of The President of The Republic of Indonesia, Mr.Joko Widodo and all the citizen of Indonesia turning Mandalika from abandon place to "High Performance Zone", a place where people can grow and have better living.


Open your eyes and look around where you live and work. Come, let us make your neighborhood become "High Performance Zone". Join with thousands communities around Indonesia in one place IndonesiaTeam.org to transform Indonesia to be better, become “Indonesia Maju”.


Every places, every islands in Indonesia will be transform into “High Performance Zone” to build better life. Let's move together! Collaboration of The People of Indonesia, giving the best for our beloved nation!


"Glory to Our Nation, Long Live Indonesia!!"

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